The IDIOT’s Guide to Universe of Aavegotchi

3 min readOct 22, 2020


Ever been strutting down the streets of Stormwind with that swanky new armor and epic weapon in the early days of World of Warcraft. Crafting, collecting and accruing value has been the in the veins of gamers since the early days. We had to rely on paypal/ebay or irl meetups to transfer that “valuable item” That is until…..


Remember those ridiculously low interest rate deposits that your parents put with the bank for years only to get that puny 0.1%?

What if I told you that you could take that Deposit Certificate only with 100 times better rates and create your “ avatar or toon”, play games with it, equip it with items to increase its value?

That is in a nutshell what “ Decentralized Finance (deFi) + Non- Fungible Tokens (NFT) “ is all about these days.

In gamer’s geek language, making money while playing games, our kind of wet dreams.

That is all made possible by the project’s token or “currency” GHST token.

GHST builds an eco-system of NFTs including your avatar, wearables you can equip and consumables you can feed.

COMING SOON to your local townhall!

Aavegotchi is slated to launch in Q4 very soon as the team is really working hard even while ensuring their community is taken care of.

In fact, the “game” has already started. If you are not already tune in to their discord, start your aavegotchi “Mission Impossible” right here.

Upon completion, every “aagent” gets limited edition wearables, I can totally see these being an “ OG type wearable” a few years down the road.

Right now there are 9 missions which helps one ease in, learn and contribute to the project.

Aagents also get access to early testing access to the game.


What’s the fun in games without your best friends?? Get your friends into aavegotchi and while you guys are at it, get your GHST tokens working hard for your even before the game has even started so you get that head start.

By putting your GHST tokens in an audited “ pool” just like a fixed deposit that you can withdraw from anytime, you earn FRENS points.

With those points, you can already start converting into 6 tickets of varying rarity. These tickets get you into a raffle, a chance to get those cool and powerful wearables that will surely aid you in your future battles to come.

Staking Tutorial


When the fun finally starts, get ready to summon your aavegotchi from the nether realms. They gonna need your help to descend to our mortal world.

We do this by staking GHST tokens. Each portal will allow you to choose from 10 Warriors all of different rarity ( think stats ) that will help them tide through mini games in the journey together.

Summon Tutorial

Aavegotchi is just getting started and the possibilities are endless. The founders have encouraged a community project and that is the beauty of it. Anyone and everyone can come together, contribute, gather and vote for initiatives.

You can keep yourself updated by following the project on twitter and following them on medium and join the discord server

Special thanks to the various contributors of the project including content creators and community members.